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"Bella Napoli", where the pizza Margherita was born - a city having many different colors and many different sides, renowned for the character of its people. Naples is situated in the bay where Mount Vesuvius forms the backdrop to the city. Visit the museum of National Archaeology and the museum Capodimonte that exhibits works of the Renaissance and baroque masters (don't miss the impressive ceiling). See the cathedral of San Gennaro, impressing churches of San Lorenzo and Ges Nuovo, the charterhouse of San Martino and the cloister of Santa Chiara. There is the theatre of San Carlo and a nearby bar Gambrinus (the bar of the artists) that inherited its name from all the artists that used to drink there after exiting the theatre. There are various squares such as the Piazza Municipio where the castle of Maschio Angioino is located, and the vacant Royal Palace of the former Royal family that rests in Piazza Plebiscito.

The Archaeological National Museum of Naples is one of the most important ones in the world. The palace housing the museum was built in the late period of the 16th century as a military barrack, than it was turned into the seat of the Royal Studies. After the arrival of Charles of Bourbon as king of Naples in the 18th Century it was used to contain the Bourbon Museum and the Royal Library. A number of exeptional events contributed to its development, like the acquirement of the Farnese collection, inherited by Charles of Bourbon from his mother Elisabetta Farnese at the beginning of the 19th century, and the display of archaeological findings from Herculaneum, Pompeii and Stabiae. The Farnese Collection contains many wonderful sculptures from the Baths of Caracalla in Rome, like the Bull, which is the largest existing sculpture from Ancient Times, and the magnificent statue of Hercules. Visiting the gems collection you’ll be attracted by the Farnese Cup, which dates back to 150 BC. and it is considered to be the largest cameos of the world. Many of the mosaics displayed in the museum come from the House of Faun located in Pompeii.

The Museo Nazionale di Capodimonte is situated in a huge park which is ideal for strolling, lying on the grass and relaxing from the stressful life of the city. Charles of Bourbon ordered the construction of a new royal palace on the hill of Capodimonte because that area was particularly suitable for hunting at that time. The work began in September 1738 under the supervision of Antonio Medrano and ended more than one hundred years later.A wing of the palace itself was then turned into a museum, where to display the paintings of the Farnese collection inherited from Charles's mother, Elisabetta Farnese.During the second half of the nineteenth century, The Farnese and Bourbon Armery was moved to the palace, together with the porcelain drawing room of queen Mary Amelie of Saxony, which had been made for the Royal Palace of Portici.The present arrangement displays the Farnese painting collection on the first floor, with italian and flemish paintings from the Renaissance and the mannerist periods (don't miss the Tiziano's Danae, Judith and Holophernes by Artemisia Gentileschi, paintings by Bruegel, El Greco, Parmigianino, Correggio). On the second floor there is the permanent Neapolitan collection which contains mostly works of the sensational local barock painting school (Stanzione, Pretti, Caracciolo, Giordano ect.). The highlights of this part are: the Caravaggio's Flagellation of Christ, Guido Reni's Atalanta and Hippomenes of and Ribera's Apollo and Marsyas. As additional attractions we have to ¬
mention the royal apartments (mostly the beautiful porcelain room)and the small but interesting section of contemporary art (Cunellis, Warhol ect.)

Tour can be reserved as a private tour or you can create a group or we will help to find fellow passengers to share the tour and costs.
The proposed itinerary is only a suggestion, the vehicle and English speaking driver is basically yours for the tour. If you would like to visit alternative towns please email and we will create an itinerary together to suit you!

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